E-Bike Rentals Coming to the Northern Bruce – Summer 2024

Tobermory Ebike Rentals

We are partnering with Westlake E-Bikes from Prince Edward County to launch a new E-Bike rental
service to visitors in Tobermory. Visitors and residents will soon see a colourful bike shelter at The Meeting Place (TMP) on 20 Centennial Drive, Tobermory.
When set up is complete, a small fleet of eight E-Bikes will be rented to visitors by the hour, using a self-serve app; accessing everything from booking times, payment,
videos on safety & cycling tips, unlocking bikes and accessories and route maps.

If this new service, supporting sustainable tourism sounds like a business, it is – but it’s a special type of business called a ‘social enterprise’. Our story involves more than just launching an E- Bike Rental business. TMP as its known locally, is a registered community charity. Ear to the ground, we came up with an idea for a ‘social enterprise’ that would have community impact.

That’s the criteria that must be met. Several E-Bikes will be part of an affordable transportation program and will be rented monthly to interested resident seasonal workers.

Visitors renting our custom outfitted E-bikes will leave their cars behind, embarking on adventures through the many back roads and area destinations and visit local businesses on the Northern Bruce, all while contributing to emission reductions. TMP can turn earned revenues back into supporting community services all year round.

Our innovative partnership with Westlake E-Bikes is a cornerstone to our plan. The story is just beginning. The TMP announcement is being shared with the Tobermory and District Chamber of
Commerce, Parks Canada, Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula, Bruce County and the
many community organizations, businesses that contribute to quality of life and environmental
conservation on the Saugeen Bruce Peninsula. Their support and cooperation will contribute to
our success.

For more information contact info@tobermorymeetingplace.com or Noreen Steinacher, Project
Lead at 519-596-2313!