How Do We Get to Where We Are Going?

The Meeting Place E-Bike Program for Local Workers.

Submitted by TMP Board members Janaki Bandara & Noreen Steinacher.

For those who drive and have access to a motor vehicle, getting around may be as simple as jumping in a car or truck, buckling up and stepping on an accelerator. It is easy to take the availability of transportation for granted if you have ready access to a vehicle.

But what if you do not have ready access to a vehicle when you need to get to work or go out with friends?

What if you want to be a better steward of our environment?

What if you cannot afford fuel for a motor vehicle?

There are many options for affordable and accessible transportation found in different communities. It makes us think about what are local options are.

Separate from our E-Bike Rental program for tourists, The Meeting Place in Tobermory is funding two E-bikes for resident seasonal workers, at a nominal cost.

This is part of a pilot project tohelp us assess the viability of E-bikes as an option for affordable transportation for local seasonal employment. Details on how to apply for an E-bike if you are a resident seasonal worker, are provided at or email

As our community sees more and more e-bikes and cyclists amidst the increased traffic during tourist season, we also recognize that the success of any E-bike rental program is a two-part responsibility. Motor vehicle drivers have a legal responsibility to look out for cyclists. Likewise, cyclists have a responsibility to look out for motor vehicle drivers and pedestrians. However you choose to travel this busy season, drive safely and consider these responsibilities in your movements.

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