Mission Statement

The Meeting Place belongs to everyone; it’s a place for us to gather, learn, share and connect to create relationships which build our community.

Vision Statement

The Meeting Place will be recognized as an example to others of a community-built, volunteer-based centre, growing leadership and meeting community needs from a strong, flexible foundation.


Community Matters

We will be flexible and responsive to the needs of our community, ensuring that everyone knows who we are, what we can offer and how to contribute.

Respect, Encouragement and Support

We appreciate what people can and can’t do, recognizing that all people have something to contribute, should they choose. We will work to remove barriers, promote participation in community activities and remove isolation.

Co-Operation and Partnership

We will foster a spirit of co-operation and unity among organizations serving our community, by forming mutually beneficial partnerships and supporting everyone’s efforts.

Commitment to Our Roots

We are committed to our relationship with the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula and will work to encourage their continuing support and promote their involvement in our community development efforts.

Expanding Horizons

We will provide resources and support opportunities to learn and grow socially, culturally, environmentally and economically. We will strive to promote sustainability in all we do.