Consultation discussion and site visit; participating – Noreen Steinacher & Jace Weir (Board Members), Ryan Deska (MNBP), Chantal Lefebvre (volunteer)

The Meeting Place Tobermory is a registered charity and is described as a ‘community hub’ or community centre providing social supports, food security programs, children and youth programs, fitness, recreation and leisure as well as special projects and community development. The building 20 Centennial Drive, Tobermory is a NBP municipal owned facility.

TMP services and programs constitute about 70% of the use and another 30% of utilization comes from community groups, businesses and special events. All activities are booked through a central booking calendar on TMP website.

Risk principles reviewed: Number of people appropriate for an indoor space, time together, ability to modify program; capacity to monitor and support re-opening.

General Practices to be initiated or maintained:

Log record for anyone, including staff, volunteers with identifying name, contact information, date of entry to building, purpose, indication of self assessment questionnaire completed; cleaning protocol completed. Wearing of masks or face coverings are reqired for public and public staff/volunteer interaction.

Hand sanitizer available at entrance.

Log for general cleaning of building by contractor; located in Utility Room

No informal access to the public by the previous lock box code and key system.

Essential Services during COVID-19 to continue:

  1. Food Bank has been and continues to operate for the public on Tuesdays, 1-2pm, with 2 volunteers; clients wait inside the front entrance one at a time to receive food order; 2 rooms are designated for the exclusive use of the food bank; volunteers are following Public Health protocols; masks, wiping down high touch surfaces.

    Will continue this protocol until further notice
  2. Community Information & Resource Coordination (CIRC) has been and will continue to operate July, August, September with reduced hours. Personal support and information service is accessed via TMP e-mail or phone and one paid Community Coordinator arranges call back or virtual meeting. There is no public/client access to the building.

    CIRC office (including photocopier) will be limited to access by designated staff and volunteers only (and cleaners); Jennifer Cuffe, Jennifer Dewey, Jim Mosiuk, Jace Weir, Noreen Steinacher. Desktop will be clear; two baskets will be set up; 1 for delivery of messages, notices, envelopes, mail; 1 for disinfectant wipes. Desk surface, phone, copier, door handles will be wiped down by person using the space and equipment. If single person working in designated space no mask required.

    Round work table in Lounge closest to CIRC office may be used from time to time by one of same designated staff & volunteers and will be wiped down after use.

    Lounge may be used by designated volunteers and staff for limited use only with touch surfaces such as coffee table wiped down after use; physical distancing maintained.

    Will continue this protocol until further notice;
  3. Community Volunteer Income tax program can be accessed by phone call to Jace Weir at 519-596-2057. Drop off and pick up arranged without need for access to the building.

    Will continue this protocol until further notice

    Regular Program and Service Review on July 30, for re-opening consideration
  4. Community Groups, events, seminars seeking meeting space.
    A short survey indicated regular community group users do not plan to resume meetings in person until September, 2020.

    Proposal: No community groups or events to be booked at TMP building in August; to be reviewed for September.
    Community Coordinator will be asked to keep community calendar clear on TMP website for August and a notice will be posted on the website.
  5. Mini Gym and Rock Exercise & Fitness Room
    Modified schedule work out times
    One person or 2 from same social bubble in gym room at one time Four maximum in Rock Room; workout space marked on floor Designated volunteer on site during Gym scheduled time periods Participants bring own portable mats, weights etc.
    Disinfectant cleaning before and after use of standing equipment

    Review and renewal of current Gym Rooster and promotion in later fall

    Proposal: In discussion with lead volunteer Chantal L., re-opening will start October 1st with volunteer recruitment and space/equipment organization starting mid September.
  6. Food Security Programs:
    Eat Local Grey Bruce has requested TMP be a weekly drop off location for members to pick up ordered food boxes (may include frozen produce) Coordinator will come for a site visit; location for small freezer will be discussed with Food Bank Committee; Eat Local volunteer must be present during public pick up time and use protocol much like that used by the Food Bank.

    Proposal: Agreed to partner with Eat Local Grey Bruce if conditions can be meet. Date to be confirmed.

    Programs to be reviewed for possible October start-up:
  7. CIRC in-person visits
    SOAR after school program (depends on school opening and parent support) Youth Adventures
    Sharing Dance Seniors
    Mini Gym program (see notes above)
    Requests from community for seminars, learning and personal events.
    Food Security Programs such as Community Kitchens and Dollars and Sense Club are generally winter programs and use kitchen at the Tobermory Community Centre (dates will need to be booked by October)

    Re-Opening Plan to be Reviewed:
    September 1, 2020
    September 15, 2020
    October 1, 2020
    October 15, 2020

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