What is Food Security?

Food security is having enough money and access to healthy food, on a consistent basis. In Ontario, 594,000 households experience food insecurity; some of these households are in the Northern Bruce Peninsula. These include those on social assistance, those with disabilities, some seniors or some who work on a seasonal basis.

The Meeting Place ‘community hub’ is ideally suited, as a burgeoning community food centre, to provide services and initiatives to help promote local food security. These initiatives are a consistent source of education, social interaction and capacity building for those in our community experiencing various degrees of food insecurity.

The $$ & Sense Club

The $$ & Sense Club is one example of these initiatives, currently on offer. This program provides a social opportunity to gather together with others, learn and share budgeting, shopping and cooking tips, while practicing menu planning from the local grocery store flyer sale items. The Club also cooks together and creates a meal for members to take home for their family that night.

Registration is seasonal and meets for an 8 week, closed group format. Call to The Meeting Place to put you name in for the next club session.

Community Kitchens

Community Kitchens is a peer-to-peer program where local people cook together and share a food tasting around the community table or donate prepared meals to the food bank. The aim is to learn new cooking skills; more about food products, produce and nutritional choices; cooking budget-wise; exploring new ways of cooking – ethnic or vegan; and the pure enjoyment that happens when people cook and eat together.

The Tobermory Food Bank

The Tobermory Food Bank is located at The Meeting Place Tobermory, 20 Centennial Drive, Tobermory. It serves those in the community who experience food insecurity in various degrees. This can happen to those on social assistance, those with disabilities, seniors or those who can only obtain seasonal work. The Tobermory Food Bank receives community support in the form of food and cash donations from individuals, churches and organizations such as the United Way Bruce Grey. The Food Bank is operated by volunteers and partners with The Meeting Place to provide seamless service.

Open for walk in service, Tuesdays, 1-3 pm, September through June. Emergency service and July/August on call 519-596-2333 or 519-596-7000.