SPARK – Seasonal Workers SPARK Ideas (for Community)

December 2019 – January 2020 Project Recruitment

“Thanks to Bruce County strategic community initiatives fund, The Meeting Place has received 2-year funding to help facilitate the design of some new resources. The focus is specific to addressing social and economic ‘risks’ sometimes associated with the seasonal economy. The goal is to bring together the experience of seasonal workers with others representing existing community assets. From there, the idea is for small working groups to get to know each other, build trust, generate homegrown ideas and work them into feasible actions and resources. What will be the outcomes? That’ll be up to the working groups and what they come up with. This is a ‘winter’ project and some fun and financial incentive is sure to be built into the process. We have the right people living in our community to work together on this new project. ”

December 5, 2019 – Sheatre ‘Play for Change’ at The Meeting Place Tobermory ‘Ye Canna Throw Yer Granny Off a Bus’

Granny Dec 5-19

December 5th saw The Meeting Place transformed into stage, musical production and audience involvement. As you might guess, ‘Ye Canna Throw Yer Granny Off a Bus’ was a musical comedy about elder abuse. Amid laughter and gasps, we saw the subtle and not so subtle actions and circumstances that are elder abuse. Written into the play were also the many ways seniors can be supported by friends and family and encouraged to use their voice to stop abuse if it’s occurring in their lives. But some can’t, especially if they experience dementia. The community can and should have safety services available and we need widespread public awareness of signs and symptoms of elder abuse so any one us is prepared to help. TMP will distribute packages of information about elder abuse to key organizations in the community and encourage the public awareness and conversations to continue. If anyone is worried about a possible abuse situation the Senior’s Safety Line 1-866-299-1011 is a good resource with trained counselors on the other end. We also wish to thank the Tobermory Muses for opening the event with a program of ‘Reflections’ – readings on family and elders delivered with respect and humour. For more information on elder abuse or the Sheatre group–Play for Change call TMP at 519-596-2313.

October 8 – Open Mic

October 8, 7-9 pm, 2019. Open Mic start to the season will take place at Leeside Restaurant, to help recognize the final closing of this long time favourite eatery in Tobermory. All welcome.

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August 3, 2019 – Making Waves Festival

Event held at Tobermory Community Park (beside The Meeting Place)
Proceeds to The Meeting Place

Come on out to the 1st Annual Making Waves Festival and support local crafters and musicians

May 11, 2019 – TMP Annual Fundraising Concert

Episode IV – The Ultimate Live Music with the band CD-DC

It seems the right time to give you a heads up on The Meeting Place’s fourth annual spring concert and fundraiser. On Saturday, May 11, EPISODE IV – the Ultimate Live Music will feature the popular band CD-DC. There will be dancing, lots of complementary food, great décor and comfortable set up for meeting with friends. Of course just being there will be helping a good cause.  Mark the date May 11 in your calendars. It will be spring!Call in to The Meeting Place to reserve tickets and we also need volunteers and event sponsors.