The Meeting Place Tobermory endorses this Statement in support of and reflection on Anti Racism and Anti Discrimination in Canada from a Human Services Perspective – July 2020

Canada is built on a history of colonization and exploitation of indigenous peoples and then people of colour. Our infrastructure of education, law, politics and the economy overtly and covertly exclude and can ultimately de-humanize people of colour. 

The dismantling of systemic racism begins with the acknowledgement of past and present harsh realities and mistreatment of fellow human beings. Recognition, protests and the evolution of dialogue and exchange are a start. Those born and living with privilege can make a big difference in supporting and committing to change.

The change must be as systematic in its attempt at resolution as the status quo was systematic in maintaining unfair and oppressive systems.

The helping services, employees and volunteers must also look deeply into our own practices that make fellow human beings the “other”. Labelling people may provide a handy reference or meet funding realities. But labels can also diminish the larger context and struggles of individual lives and this can cause us to overlook the strengths borne out of the struggle.

Helping organizations are at their best when they connect with their clients and the community through the common core of frailties that make up the human condition regardless of race, religion, creed or sexual orientation.

Statement modified for endorsement by The Meeting Place Board, Tobermory

Acknowledgement of original Statement by Michael Kerman
Founding Owner and President of Leading Edge Seminars, Toronto
June 12, 2020