How Do Partnerships work at TMP?

While not always using fully developed partnership agreements, if you look closely at the way The Meeting Place goes about responding to the diverse needs of the community you will see collaboration with others.

For us, collaboration means working over time with such entities as the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula; the Tobermory United Church; and the Community Gardens Network.

It’s also creative and responsive. In recent years TMP has provided respite space for patients and families undergoing treatment at the Tobermory Hyperbaric Chamber. In 2018, TMP and the St. Edmund’s Bruce Peninsula Museum hosted a Volunteer Fair and Seminar to bring together over 20 volunteer organizations and new and existing volunteers in support of rural volunteerism.

TMP will always works with its funding organizations to support their priorities such as the United Way’s poverty reduction task force, Community Foundation’s vital signs and the unique community investment strategies of the Hamilton Conference, United Church of Canada.

CIRC services works in collaboration with other social support services such as the Food Bank, church ministers and volunteers, Peninsula Family Health Team and the Ecumenical Outreach Program who all support the vulnerable segment of our population. The numbers of community contacts and the diversity of impact show how well this collaboration approach works.